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Save With Cashback, An Agoda Discount Code And Other Travel Deals With ShopBack

Time's changed, and gone are the days where a return flight to Europe costs SGD$2,000 on average. As technology and businesses explore to a more convenient consumer experience, we are living in a great era of crazy deals (travel deals to be very specific). We've heard of travel sites like, Agoda, Jetstar , Booking, Expedia, etc and fortunately now, we have a cashback site that pays us for our travels.

ShopBack is the top cashback site in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines offering cashback for your travels and other shopping ritual that you might have. How it works? I asked myself the same, at first. Let me guide you through.


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ShopBack partners with over 500 local, regional and global stores. Partnering stores pay ShopBack a commission for every transaction directed through ShopBack site. ShopBack then shares part of this commission in a form of cashback to you. Yes, the cashback is indeed cash transferred to your bank or paypal account, not virtual money.


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Apart from cashing in your cashback, ShopBack offers discount codes for your travel flights and stays. Insane deals offering up to 60% from Agoda, Expedia, and many more. Deals and cashbacks, seems like ShopBack's making travel really affordable. Click Here to view available coupons in ShopBack.


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ShopBack also run flash sales for the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) and Travel on If you're a closet coupon hunter on google, these flash sales is going to save you the minutes you used up for coupon hunting, so you'll get more time to daydream or, shop even more with the Travel discounts and Cashback.

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To get your cashbacks, you'll need a ShopBack account. Select your preferred merchant and you'll be redirected to the site e.g. Agoda, to shop normally. Checkout in the same redirected window and enjoy the warm magic of cashback. Do follow ShopBack Singapore to find out more.

Earn a $5 bonus as you sign up using this link and you will be on your way to becoming a smart shopping traveler.



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