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About The Freelance Graphic Designer


An early 90s kid turned husband turned dad before 30, filling his time with scribbles of thoughts (or otherwise known as blogging) and creative brand designs, communication designs and more. Aiming to produce honest, creative user generated content, UGC, for everyone from new dads to aspiring influencers or graphic designers in Singapore and internationally.

With over 10 years of experience in the creative industry, EESHARK have worked with many clients in Singapore and globally. Being passionate about storytelling through visuals, he loves taking on new adventure with brand personalities to learn about "the modern age culture"; as he would describe it. From sustainability, to being women-led, to focusing on humanitarian cause, working with brands have fascinated and influenced him which sums up the birth of this site.

Whilst started his creative career at 18, practising theatre and explored in the creative realm ever since, EESHARK expressed his experiences through travel blogs, food blogs and more. 

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