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How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Feel like it's time to pop the question? She's the one, but picking the right ring is the tricky part. Marriage proposals have expanded in all shapes and sizes (like the rings). Thanks to the digital age's viral videos, Pinterest and the age-old classic romance films. Whether you're planning to go big or intimate, one thing remains constant in this variable; the engagement ring.

Walking to a jewellery store for us, guys, transport us into the escape room we might or might not get out alive. Every turn we make, it gets a tad more confusing. Every question buzzing in our head makes us sound less of an intelligent chap we are. Too many what ifs, too many questions. Don't fret, here are 4 things to look out for before you get enough shine for your dollar and a ring she can't refuse.


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Setting a clear and realistic budget before shopping for a ring is the most important. The age-old 3-month's salary rule may separate you by being a class act, but it is old-fangled and unrealistic. Being smart by purchasing a ring that makes a complete financial sense of your current situation is key. So do your budgeting wisely, and it's perfectly fine to decline a jeweller when asked to pay a high-price, especially if it'll put you in a massive debt.


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How do you know if a jeweller is trustworthy? How do you know if the diamonds aren't just ripping you off? These are important questions that are bound to surface. By doing a thorough research on jewellers, looking for reviews, talking to other guys about their experiences and looking for reputable certification could go a long way to prevent you from getting ripped off.


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Keeping in mind her style into the design of the ring. It is important that the ring matches her day to day routine, her go-to outfits. Have a look in her jewellery box, or pay close attention to her the next time you pass a jewellery store. In any case, there is always her girlfriends to confide to when it comes to getting insights. However, I recommend getting a ring with as little help as possible, it's much more special and meaningful that way.


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As part of getting the right rock, having the "rock knowledge" is essential. With the knowledge of the 4 C's (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat), you can then balance off your budget around it. Playing around with lesser carat but better clarity or a better cut with lesser clarity to suit your budget. Gem by Gems specialises in bespoke bridal jewelry carefully designed just for your fiancée-to-be. Based on my personal experience, the consultation was handled with complete transparency revolving closely around personal constraints or preference.

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So the basic knowledge for the ring is covered, and all that's left is that memorable proposal. From deciding the style, the carat clarity, the budget and finding the right jeweller, you pretty much get the idea. The reaction to the ring is pretty much obvious. You could instantaneously know in a split-second how your fiancée-to-be felt about the ring. After all these research that you're doing, trust me, there's no way she'll ever refuse.


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