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KOOZA By Cirque Du Soleil Is Food For Our Anxiety

Cirque du Soleil returns to Singapore and this time with KOOZA. Debuted all the way back in 2007, at Montreal, you can expect a night with high flying, thrilling, laughter-filled acts served in a form of visual platter. Be prepared to leave all your safety protocols, concerns and restlessness for the rest of the night.

With their visually stunning flamboyant costumes, beautiful composed soundtracks and not forgetting their mad acrobatic skills, you can not expect anything less than of what Cirque du Soleil is known for. I'll be amazed if you could spot anyone snoozing in this 150 minutes show.


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Gone were the traditional days of jesters on jingle hats and curled pointed shoes. I was thoroughly entertained by the (only good type of) cringey, crazy jokes, and the antics. Stripping off the traditional physical attributes of the idea we have for jesters.


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After the Wheel of Death incident back in 2013, I would say I was rather anxious for this act. My anxiety bells when ballistic. Adding more sweat to the already sweaty palms of mine, the performer carried on skipping on top of the wheels. Despite "mocking" my comfort, oddly enough, I foresee myself watching them over and over again.


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I was really amazed by the live band and singers. Not only were the sounds were well thought out. It was of great standards, moves in sync with the acts and transitioned beautifully, marrying visual and sonic perfectly.

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With respect to the production and other fellow audience, I've disciplined myself to avoid taking pictures and videos during the show and experience the whole KOOZA the ethical way. At least that's how I show my appreciation.

It was really a great experience with Cirque du Soleil. Mingling in the pre-show with a bucket (or two) of popcorn in hand, taking photos at the photobooth. Ended the night with a meet and greet with the cast and an after party. It was a great night. Great time, with great company.

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Now, does anyone have any remedy for a post-Cirque Du Soleil production fix?



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