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Royz Et Vous at Telok Ayer

Gone were the days where the Muslim community in Singapore refers to the old 'Banquet' as a food haven. In 2016, I've seen and experienced countless of Halal cafes and eateries all around Singapore. Some were a perfect 10, others fall below average. Hipster-fied or not, these places offer experiences that many of us can only imagine experiencing back in the early 2000s.

Royz et Vous, located at Telok Ayer (nearest MRT Telok Ayer, Downtown line) and Chai Chee, was our go-to last weekend. I have heard about them, offering Alcohol-free wine, and I decided to head down to try. At the back of my mind, I was prepared for a less than of the authentic tasting wine (not that I know any much about wine).


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I decided to head down to Royz et Vous at Telok Ayer after a day of activities around the area. Upon entering, I was quite impressed with the interior and ambience, with the playlist of a throwback 80s and early 90s playing at the back. It was an intimate setting (not too cramped), a place you would dine for a good get together with old pals, celebrate a promotion or a simple date. Plus, their staff were really helpful so you can not worry about feeling unattended.


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I was really regretful that I skipped the Beef Short Ribs. Nonetheless, I had the Buffalo Wings, Smoked Duck, the Signature Prawn & Crayfish Pasta and a Molten Lava Cake. Portion wise, it was perfect for the 2 of us, taking into consideration that I am a big eater.


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The Buffalo Wings were hitting all the right spots with the amount of heat it has. If you are a spicy but not too spicy kinda person, these wings will definitely be a good start to your meal. Shout out to the house made sauce.


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Honestly, I am not a big fan of any creamy pasta. Here's the thing, she finishes the pasta, with me only having 3 bites of it. So... It's a good thing? I would think so.


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The duck, wins it for me. I love duck meat, and I get really offended when it is not being prepared proper. This, with the home-made spice sauce, was out of this world. Highly recommended.


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There's always room for dessert. Got the oozing chocolate checked, the right amount of sweetness checked and that concludes a happy stomach.


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A glass of Carl Jung Red wine to try and a bottle of Carl Jung White wine to share. It's all an experience, though I was clueless on how wines should taste like. So, I asked a friend on the difference: Dealcoholised wines does not taste like regular wines, it is less aromatic and is sweeter than usual but definitely does not taste like grape juice.

In conclusion, Royz et Vous have provided quite an experience for me, a good one. I am looking forward to get my Beef Short Ribs craving fixed on my next visit. Maybe a wine ice bucket stand to keep the wines chilled too. Till the next visit!



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