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Picnic At Marina Barrage

Weather in Singapore is inconsistent. Somedays it can be scorching and the next thing you know the dark clouds starts settling in and here comes the downpour. A picnic here is definitely a 50-50 gamble but having a "whatever happens, happens" mentality, I'll just go for it. Well of course, in any of my plan, there is definitely a contingency plan because (you can say) I'm a geek when it comes to planning.

A picnic for some can be a "Let's go for a picnic and we'll potluck!", that's not a case for us. We have designated "personnel" for every logistics; drinks, snacks, main food, desserts, cutleries & disposables, games and etc. A little control freak? Well, a little bit of planning is our juice to amp us up, we live for it.


Photo credit: EESHARK

It was a little cloudy and the apparent irregular drizzle was worrying. No matter, we're optimistic and start settling for the outdoor greens, even the sheltered area was vacant. It's a little surprising that Marina Barrage wasn't jammed with people. So we checked our logistics. Hammocks, sandwiches, murtabak, wings, drinks, cutleries, snacks and desserts all checked! Well that's how we do it, a little planning can go a long way.


We are all passionate for food and an unforgiving unofficial food critics at heart, and having a great cook amongst us is a blessing. We had home made Spicy cheese tuna sandwich, Cheesy egg mayo sandwich and our friend's signature Nina Wings (our favourite). Adding to our list, we bought chicken and beef murtabak, fruits and other small snacks from Cold Storage.


Photo credit: EESHARK

Because two types of sandwiches because one is just not enough! We welcomed a spicy Chili Padi Cheese Tuna and Cheesy Egg Mayo Sandwiches into our system. A surprising asian heat to our tuna sandwich, not to worry, it didn't make us reach for water. Even if it does, water cooler is easily accessible here.


Photo credit: EESHARK

We bought Chicken and Beef Murtabak from Victory down Arab Street. It's been a long while since I have my teeth sink in the murtabak skin, oh, how much I missed it. Dramatics aside, we can safely say that I could single handedly make that chicken murtabak disappear.


Photo credit: EESHARK

And finally we got our winner, Nina's Signature Wings. This wings is to die for, it's saucy, spicy, seasoned and if you have a checklist for a perfect wings, considered it all checked. These wings are homemade and unfortunately, only a few have tasted this magical dish because it's not made available for sale. Better luck.


Understanding our city lives and daily hustle, we all need a day to enjoy the simple life even if it is an hour or 2 in the sun. A picnic feels like a day where you realise that there is actually no problem to the difficulties conjured in our minds. We all need that day to relax, laugh and most importantly take deep rich breaths.


Photo credit: EESHARK

Life cannot get simpler with Hammocks. We brought our Airmocks over and you could imagine me hoarding it occasionally through the picnic. I might get one for myself, just for that day when I feel like a dreamer or a leisure day out. I've seen it a lot in festivals and social media. It was my first time idling on it and consider me your next paying customer.


Photo credit: EESHARK

A little fun under the sun they say. We had more than fun till the day gradually turned dark without us noticing. A little card games bringing you back to days when exams out and your teachers allow you to bring games to school. Of course I was the top 3 winners every match. #BraggingRights!

We all need a little breath of fresh air apart from the busy and mentally draining aspect each of us go through. A picnic may be one of the solution. Enjoying the simple life for a change.



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