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Muugu Fork at Arab Street

Scrolling is one of my newest hobby that I've picked up since I've got 365 days older. With all the minute visuals upon scroll and the animated captions sliding in and out of the frames, it is no wonder I can spend about 3 hours just swiping up. One of the more enticing visual that I've seen is the melted raclette cheese sliding across pastas, steaks, cutlets, everything you can think of actually.

Coincidentally a group of my friends wanted to try out this cosy cafe hidden in a corner of Arab Street. And, yes, the offer the Cheesy "gimmick" dish. Better yet, it is Halal. So we set on a date and here we are on our usual hunt.


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Muugu Fork is a cosy and dim lit place. It was almost packed we came in. Our eyes recce the area for food portions, visually enticing dishes and diners' bites reaction. It has quite a chill out vibe, probably as chill as the service staff attentiveness.


After scouting for dishes on the other diner's table. We decided to start with the BBQ Chicken Wings, Chicken Cutlet Raclette Cheese, Mushroom Carbonara and the Braised Lamb Shank. Too much? Kinda, and, to make it worse, their serving is a little on the generous side.


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The Chicken Wings was nothing extraordinary on its own, but when dipped and paired with the BBQ sauce, it does give the bland Chicken Wing a new height.


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First time trying out the sliding melting cheese "gimmick". Phones were out for that perfect Snapchat, and InstaStory (Yeah, we're kinda basic but we're not ashamed about it). I was so glad that the dish wasn't a let down. It was surprisingly not bad at all.


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I am really not a big fan of creamy pasta, and this one is no exception. Others loved it but I don't particularly like it. I guess it's really a personal preference. A pass for me.


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This lamb is rocking the whole course, with a smooth texture paired with a perfect herb gravy. The meat falls off the bone so easily and disappears quite instantly too. The Braised Lamb Shank is by far my favourite out of the dishes.

In conclusion, Muugu Fork is a cosy joint for a good hang out or just a place to fill your stomach when you're around the area when everywhere is jammed with people. Apart from the sliding melted cheese, and lamb, that I had, there is nothing that makes me want to return to dine again. Its probably a "Yeah, why not" kind of place.



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