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Central Perk at Central Mall

Whether its that 4 claps to the theme song, a constant 'PIVOT!' or an Unagi moment, Friends (the TV series) have been a sitcom so close to heart. I have been anticipating this cafe to open ever since the announcement months ago. Now that it's here, of course, I got to experience it.

Central Perk, located at Central Mall (nearest MRT Station Clarke Quay/ Chinatown), lets you dine in 3 areas, the Set of Central Perk Cafe, the Directors area and the outside of Central Perk. The cafe crew brought me on a tour of the merchandise area, the dining areas and the introduction of the personalised menu based on the characters in Friends. Obviously, I am Team Ross.


Photo credit: EESHARK

As you walk through the guided tour of the merchandise area, you'll get reminded of iconic episodes of each characters. From Ross's Unagi portrait, to Monica's Kitchen, to Rachel's wedding dress, to Chandler and Joey's Foosball, to Phoebe's cat. Let the nostalgia begin.


Photo credit: EESHARK

I was introduced to the 3 different areas of the dining area, the director seat, the central perk cafe set, and the outskirts of Central Perk. Like any fan of the sitcom I opted to be part of the 'filming' set. It was unfortunate that I didn't get the couch seat. I guess, a calefare works. Best part is you get to binge watch 'Friends' throughout your dining experience.


Photo credit: EESHARK

So I got, Fries (How Monica Cooks It), Ahh Unagi and Key Lime Pie with Phoebe Buffay's Cappuccino. The food isn't as great in terms of taste, even though the garlic fries actually win it for me. Price wise is on the high side in comparison to your typical cafes.

Photo credit: EESHARK

In conclusion, Central Perk at Central Mall is a great hang out for a catch up with friends or your meetups. Although I was a little disappointed with the food I ordered, the great service from the friendly cafe crew (who checks on how I am doing and built a conversation with me), the screening of Friends episode, laughing together with the other diners. It's one of those places where you could count on to put a smile on your face, no matter.



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