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Adopting Giulio Campagnola Stippling Techniques

The stippling technique have been around for 5 centuries, and is becoming more and more popular in today's art form. Practised in single colour, stippling is commonly confused with pointilism which makes use of multiple colours.

Invented by Giulio Campagnola, an engraver and a painter, many of my current works are influenced by the technique. There are also many talented artists who work within this medium, here are my personal favourite.


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Artist Pablo Jurado Ruiz, born in Málaga, Spain in 1973, a talented artist who also practised this impressionist technique in black ink. Every of his artwork is highly detailed and tells story deeply, created to illustrate experience and surroundings metaphorically. Talk about inspiring artists, he's one of them.


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You've probably seen one of his works when scrolling through your Facebook feeds. He made an iconic artwork that involves 2.1 million dots, 138 hours and finding Benjamin. It is really a story that every art enthusiasts or anyone with a real heart should know.


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Lastly, of course, the man himself Giulio Campagnola. He invented the stippling technique back in 1510. His prints were rare and, one of his famous works was, the translation of rich Venetian Renaissance style of oil paintings of Giorgione.

There many other independent artists who have yet to be recognised, comment below of other inspiring artists that you know of.


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